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    Write a lot of long text posts on your blog? Want to break them up on your main page, giving the reader quick headlines and a teaser paragraph? All you need to do is add a read more break when writing a text post. A read more link allows you to give readers an intro and then the option the read more on the permalink page. It’s really simple to do 

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  2. archiemcphee:

    This stunning installation of 888,246 red ceramic poppies was created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper in commemoration of the centennial of Britain’s involvement in World War I. Entitled Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, each flower represents a British or Colonial military fatality.

    This staggering installation is a work in progress, with the ceramic pippies being planted by volunteers in the dry moat that surrounds the Tower of London. The planting process began a few weeks ago and will continue throughout the summer until a final flower is symbolically planted on November 11, 2014.

    Visit the Historic Royal Palaces website to learn more about this moving project. You can also follow the progress of the volunteer planters by following the #TowerPoppies on Twitter.

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    Women use compact mirrors in packed crowd to catch sight of the queen in London, June 1966.


  6. Update 2.7

    Quite big now includes the options to -

    Show / hide tags

    Show / hide note count

    Adjust the text size of post date

    Adjust caption width (best used with the center all option)

    The update should happen automatically if you haven’t modified any of the theme html yourself. Otherwise it may require a re-install

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  7. clairitin-clear said: Hello! I love your theme, but I was wondering how to get the links below the header to appear? I clicked on the buttons in the customization screen that say "Ask Link" and "Submit Link" but nothing appears... Is there something that I am doing wrong?

    To make the ask and submit labels appear- 

    1. Go to your Tumblr account settings page and make sure they are enabled

    2. Click the options from the theme customize screen to show links below the header

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